Ways To Have Fun While Traveling In An RV

March 28, 2022

RV vacations are more popular than ever and for a good reason. An RV vacation allows you to travel without sacrificing the privacy and comforts of home. While solo RV travel has its virtues, RV vacations are absolutely perfect for traveling with a family or a group of friends. 

RV travel lets you plan a family or group vacation with something for everyone, and the right RV enables you to make sure that you have the space for everyone to have the privacy and breathing room they need.

Of course, a little bit of research and careful planning will make all the difference in making your next RV vacation a success. So let’s take a look at the top ways that you can ensure that you, your family, or your friends all have a great time on your next RV adventure.

Let Everyone Have A Say In The RV Vacation Planning

Of course, we know you already have the perfect RV adventure planned out down to the very last detail. You have thought of everything! There is simply no way that anyone could fail to have a blast.

Here is the thing, no matter how tight of a family unit you may have or how symbiotic your group of friends may be, every family, or squad, is made up of individuals, and individuals are unique. What sounds like the perfect vacation plan to you may not be quite as ideal for those who will be traveling with you. 

The best way to make sure that everyone has a great time on your next RV vacation is to make sure that everyone has a say in the planning process. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit down as a group and hammer out every little detail of your RV vacation plan as a team. What it does mean is that everyone should have some input into the basic vacation itinerary. 

You can accomplish this democratic style of vacation planning by establishing a basic rough draft vacation plan and then allowing everyone to suggest, request, or substitute any changes that they would like to make. With a little bit of respectful discussion and a dash of compromise, you should be able to arrive at a final plan that works for everyone. 

When everyone is allowed to have a say in the final vacation plan, you can head off any resentment or irritation that comes when people feel like their voices are being ignored or silenced. As an added bonus, the more voices involved in the planning of the RV vacation, the more well-rounded the vacation plan. This means that everyone in the group is likely to be exposed to new experiences that they might not have chosen themselves. You never know; your next favorite activity may be the one you thought you had no interest in trying.

Look For Vacation Spots With Something For Everyone

One of the easiest ways to simplify vacation planning for a group is to start with vacation destinations that feature a variety of activities. Think about it, a week out romping on the sand dunes with a bunch of other outdoor adventure sports enthusiasts may sound like the perfect way to spend a vacation. However, if you are traveling with family members or friends who are not outdoor adventure sports junkies, they are not likely to enjoy the holiday as much as you will. 

The answer is to select a travel destination that will allow the outdoor enthusiasts in the group to go out and take on nature to their heart’s content while also allowing others in the group to enjoy other pursuits, like shopping in the local towns, checking out the various breakfast and brunch spots, or visiting a nearby tourist attraction. 

The great thing about RV travel in the United States is the massive array of destinations available, many of which offer a wide variety of attractions and amenities for all types of travelers. 

This leads us to the next tip for fun RV travel with a group.

Don’t Overdue The Togetherness.

The familiar adage, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is applicable to more than just the star-crossed lovers of the world. Allowing everyone the time and space to pursue solo interests can make the time spent together far more enjoyable for everyone. 

If you have chosen your vacation destinations wisely, then it should be a simple matter for individuals to go off and enjoy their chosen activity in smaller groups or even solo for those who want a good deal of personal space. 

RV vacations involve a great deal of togetherness. You will be sharing a relatively small space while traveling to your destination and the entire time that you are at your chosen location. No matter how large the RV, you are likely to need more personal space and alone time than the RV can offer. By allowing everyone to embark on short solo pursuits, the whole group will find the extended periods of togetherness far more pleasant and endearing.

In addition to granting everyone some much-needed breathing room, giving individuals the freedom to pursue their own activities alongside others who share their interests will help keep resentments and arguments to a minimum because nobody is being forced to take part in a move that they dislike, or having to forgo an opportunity to do what they love.

Choose The Right RV

In a traditional vacation, you and your family would travel by car, plane, or cruise ship to the various stops on your itinerary and most likely retreat to your individual hotel rooms or cabins for rest and relaxation between sightseeing, adventure excursions, and shopping. 

This is where an RV vacation differs from a traditional vacation. With RV travel, your travel and your accommodations all take place in your RV. With that in mind, it is important that you select an RV that will allow everyone in your group to carve out their own personal space where they can go to unwind and enjoy some private time to surf the internet, read a book, or a magazine, chat with friends back home or simply be alone with their thoughts.

Fortunately, modern RVs have been designed with large family groups in mind. For those who enjoy the creature comforts and amenities of home, the latest lineup of Rockwood RV fifth-wheel trailers and travel trailers feature theater-style living room seating with built-in USB ports, a multi-zone stereo system with DVD, CD, AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth media options, and private bedrooms with queen or king-size beds, individual reading lights, and two bedside power outlets.

If you are traveling with a group of adventure sports enthusiasts, you may want to consider the latest Puma XLE toy hauler travel trailers, which feature enclosed garage areas, and loading ramps to stow all of your outdoor sports equipment, and accessories, so that you always have everything you need at the ready when you arrive at your next destination.

Pay a visit to Ohio RV Nation or your local RV dealership to take a tour of the latest models from top RV manufacturers like Forest River RV, Winnebago, Cherokee RV, and more. The friendly and experienced staff will help you select the perfect RV for your RV lifestyle.

Keep Unexpected RV Repairs From Sidelining Your Fun

One last note, make certain that you protect your investment, and keep any unforeseen RV repairs from putting a damper on your fun by purchasing an RV extended warranty from the RV dealership where you purchased your RV or a third-party warranty provider like RVingSolutions.

An RV extended warranty covers the cost of repairs or replacements to help keep your family on the road and enjoying all of the fun and adventure that RV travel has to offer, without the need to worry about how you will pay for an unexpected RV breakdown.  

Most RV extended warranty coverage not only takes care of the cost of repair bills and replacement expenses they also provide roadside service in the event that your RV breaks down, develops a flat tire, or experiences a tire blowout while traveling from one destination to another. This service is more than worth the cost when you consider the number of miles that you will travel in your RV and the remoteness of many of the top RV travel destinations. 

In addition to roadside assistance, many RV extended warranty providers also offer reimbursement for taxi service, rental car charges, and hotel room accommodations for your entire family or friend group in the event that your RV needs to be towed to a repair shop for more extensive repairs, or is sidelined while awaiting the delivery of a needed replacement part. 

Because your RV is both your mode of travel and your accommodations, having an RV extended warranty that covers the cost of transportation and alternative accommodations for your family will help ensure that the fun doesn’t have to stop rolling just because your RV did. 

There you have it. Follow the RV vacation planning tips in this guide to maximize the fun and adventure of your next RV vacation while keeping the aggravation and arguments to a minimum. Now get out there and start planning your next RV adventure!

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